In May 2008 I flew with Ryanair from Frankfurt-Hahn to Berlin-Schönefeld (SFX). Reason was the ILA - Berlin Airshow at Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BBI). Flighttickets were rather cheap these days, so we gave a try. Now, in 2014, seeing those photos still brings back a lot of good memories. The ILA 2008 Airshow was held from May 27th, 2008 to June 1st, 2008 on the southern (former) part of Berlin-Schönefeld (SFX) Airport, which will be Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BBI) one day. German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the special guests from India, as India was  the partner country in 2008.

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I logged 60+ frames during the show:

Gripen 42 HunAF 39851
C-130 07-4636 USAF The Rock AMC
Mig-29 0921 SloAF ASF-41
Mig-29 105 PolAF  
Mi-17 226 CroaAF  
Eurofighter 30+15 GAF  
Eurofighter 30+25 GAF  
F-4 37+96 GAF „R“
Tornado 45+23 GAF JaBoG 31
Tornado 45+57 GAF AG 51
Tornado 45+82 GAF JaBoG 31
Tornado 45+95 GAF JaBoG 31
Tornado 46+36 GAF JaBoG 32
C-160 50+71 GAF  
C-5 69-0002 USAF AFRC
Rafale 7-HZ / 327 FAF  
UH-1 70+70 GAF SAR – LTG 62
UH-1 71+01 Heer  
Mil Mi-24 714 HunAF special c/s
UH-1 72+91 Heer  
Tiger 74+05 Heer  
Tiger 74+09 Heer  
CH-53 84+17 Heer  
CH-53 84+32 Heer  
CH-53 84+35 Heer  
CH-53 84+39 Heer  
CH-53 84+42 Heer  
CH-53 84+43 Heer  
CH-53 84+74 Heer  
CH-53 84+84 Heer  
CH-53 84+91 Heer  
B-1B 85-0074 USAF DY
CH-53 85+08 Heer  
B-1B 86-0140 USAF DY
F-15C 86-0154 USAF LN
BO-105 86+19 Heer special c/s
BO-105 87+76 Heer  
F-16 88-0491 USAF AV
F-16 89-2030 USAF AV
F-15E 91-0308 USAF LN
C-17A 96-0006 USAF Charleston
Ju-52 D-AQUI Lufthansa  
BO-105 D-HTDM Flying Bulls  
A-380 F-WWDD Airbus  
Katalina G-PBYA private  
Dhruv IA-1136 IndArmy camo
F-16 J-011 NAF  
F-16 J-055 NAF special c/s
F-5 J-3082 SwissAF Patrouille Suisse
F-5 J-3083 SwissAF Patrouille Suisse
F-5 J-3084 SwissAF Patrouille Suisse
F-5 J-3085 SwissAF Patrouille Suisse
F-5 J-3086 SwissAF Patrouille Suisse
F-5 J-3087 SwissAF Patrouille Suisse
F-5 J-3090 SwissAF Patrouille Suisse
Dhruv J4042 IndAF special c/s
Dhruv J4049 IndAF special c/s
Dhruv J4050 IndAF special c/s
Dhruv J4063 IndAF special c/s
CH-47 ZA705 RAF